円形に並べられたShamanic Healing Oracle Cards


As spiritual,physical,and energetic beings,we oftentimes blur the lines between our energy,the energy of a situation,and the energy of another person.When we take on other people’s energy and label it as our own,we start to judge.This lowers our energetic vibrations.We then get caught up in a seemingly never ending cycle of feeling “bad”,labeling,justifying,and appropriating what is not ours to claim.
The lesson here,as in the previous card,is to be present,not label or judge,and let the energy/feeling wash through you.Once you do this,notice where in your body you feel the effects of the emotion.Does your heart open up?Does your belly hurt? Does your throat get tight? Your head can lie to you,but your body never does.It is easy to become overwhelmed.Make a habit of making your first response to overwhelming energy:“Wow,that’s interesting!” instead of “What’s wrong with me?”

This allows you to objectively discover how and why your body is reacting to the given situation or person.This card is asking you to stop looking outside yourself for answers to an issue.Instead,sit with and listen to what your body is telling you.



前のカードと同様に、ここでの教訓は、今に存在し、レッテルを貼ったり判断したりせず、エネルギーや感情を自分の中に流し込むことです。 頭が嘘をつくことはあっても、体が嘘をつくことはありません。 圧倒的なエネルギーに対して、「どうしちゃったんだろう?」ではなく、「すごい、面白い!」と最初に反応する習慣をつけてください。