Movement into Balance|シャーマニックヒーリングオラクルカード

円形に並べられたShamanic Healing Oracle Cards

原文:Movement into Balance

The sun balances the moon just as the earth,the water,and the sky remain in precious balance————so you are moving from unbalanced ideas and lifestyles into a more balanced way of being.
A situation may call for some tweaking to adjust it into a balanced mode.Look at the energy and emotions you are putting out into the universe,your world,your relationships,or goals.Balance that with the energy you are allowing yourself to receive.The body inherently tries to maintain a state of balance;so do our souls.If you are not receiving enough,you may be unconsciously giving more to restore a perceived“balanced” state.Step out of that automatic response and listen to your guides and your soul for what this situation truly warrants.