New Beginnings|シャーマニックヒーリングオラクルカード

円形に並べられたShamanic Healing Oracle Cards

原文:New Beginnings

Water,emotion,energy,all life affirming and life giving.Patience is the key.
Once the deluge of emotion passes,you will see that left in its wake is a wondrous new day, a rainbow of possibilities.Do not get attached to the emotions that surround this situation.This will only attach your identification with the emotion itself————giving it more power and hindering the release,so that the door to your new beginning will not open.Sit in the emotion,cry,journal,talk it out with a friend,and then let it go.Perform a ritual if you are called to one.Place your feelings on a bit of paper and let it go————whether through water or fire(both excellent transmuting elements).Be thankful for the experience of the situation and proclaim to Creator that you are ready for the newness that is about to come into your life.