Psychic Development|シャーマニックヒーリングオラクルカード

円形に並べられたShamanic Healing Oracle Cards

Alternately,this card can signify a pull to take classes,workshops,or read books about psychic development.

原文:Psychic Development

The energy and healing work you are doing now will enable you to heighten your sensitivity to the energy around you and others.This will assist you in developing discernment.Discernment is the feeling you get in your body that signals to you whether something feels right or wrong: your sixth sense,your gut feeling.
The situation you are inquiring about is asking you to use your discernment; you do not want to take on other’s energy,yet you do not want to close yourself off out of fear.Envision energy――――flowing through you like water.Take on too much and you can sink.Closing yourself off offers a very different energetic experience.When you let the water energy flow as it will,and neither embrace it or fight it,you are truly in the flow.Remaining at this elevated energetic vibration will allow you to tap into the realms of the psyche.