Reunion of souls|シャーマニックヒーリングオラクルカード

円形に並べられたShamanic Healing Oracle Cardsこのカードは、恋人・友人・親子など、深い“ソウルメイト”の関係を意味します。

原文:Reunion of souls

There is a school of thought that says before our souls come to earth,we make contracts,or agreements,with other souls.At one point in time,we appear in each other’s lives to assist those involved in learning a lesson,being a catalyst for a needed change,or to share in profound joy.
When a person comes into your life to teach you a lesson――no matter the human form,no matter the human experience――this agreement is based in love.The human experience may have been painful and extremely challenging――acknowledge the depth of love needed for this contract to take place and then let them go.The experience may have been profondly moving,but ended abruptly and without reason.Again――be grateful and move on――cherish the lessons and move forward into your life the way it was meant to be.

Alternately this card signifies a profound“soulmate” relationship,whether it be between lovers,friends,or parents and children.Cherish the gift given.